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Signature design by Ashley recliner
Furniture, Furnishings & Decorations
Recliner Chair (670)
Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc.    
Item # 9750125
Ashley homestore

On 11/11/17 I purchased a recliner from Ashley Home store I picked it up at the warehouse on 11/15/17 I put it in my living room and whenever I sat in it I noticed a strong odor coming from it after about a week I noticed every time I sat in it I started feeling sick from the odor. In Dec. about 2 weeks before Christmas I put the chair outside for 2 weeks then brought it back in and tried setting in it again and I still started getting sick from the odor when I sat in it. I went down to their store and and told them what was going on they told me they would call me later in the day and tell me what they was willing to do so I went home. They called me a couple of hours later and told me they would air it out in their warehouse or exchange it for a restocking fee. I believe the odor is from formaldehyde which is highly toxic in the home as of right now the chair is setting on my porch. I do not think I should pay a restocking fee for a product that is toxic to my health. I think I have decided that I would just like to get my money back
Injury→Injury, No First Aid or Medical Attention Received
69 years
I still have the chair it is setting outside on my porch

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