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+ Fax #1717095350
#1 phone contact 2058633216
#2 phone contact 7177095301

Manufacturer address
[REDACTED] (Claims Analyst)
525 New York Dr Bend
Oregon 97703
Hydro Flask
Containers & Packaging
Metal Containers (1112)
Helen of Troy    
vitamins cottage/Glenwood Springs
7/15/2017 This date is an estimate
Caller is reporting that she placed hot homemade soup in the container for her spouse's lunch. She stated that It remained in the container from 8am until 5pm because he could not open the container. When he arrived home both of them tried to open the container lid exploded becoming a projectile hitting her spouse in the left eye. He administered first aid by using cold water to stop bleeding and put pressure on his eye then went to the physician the following day. The physician treated the wound and he was sent home, his eye was then turning black. And pain

11/2017 The manufacturer was contacted and she was advised to send incident report, medical report, pictures and to return the container to them for examination. She stated that she does not feel comfortable returning the product to them.

Caller stated that there is no label warning or instruction on the container to prevent this incident. She is concerned that this container is a safety hazard.

Injury→Injury, Seen by Medical Professional
My Spouse
63 years

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