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Pelonis fan-forced portable space heater, model# HF-0063, date code 1508; serial# appears to be 20215109Z
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Pelonis Appliances, Inc.    
Home Depot
2/1/2016 This date is an estimate
The product was a Pelonis space heater, model# HF-0063, date code 1508; serial# appears to be 20215109Z. I bought this product @ Home Depot on or shortly before 2016-Feb-1.

I've used this product in winter only. This (winter 2017-2018) would be the 3rd winter in which I used the product (the heater is less than 2 years old).

I've always used this fan-forced heater in its oscillation or swing mode, in which the body of the heater automatically rotates left & right using a motor.

Today the heater turned off unexpectedly; its display was completely blank, and pushing the power-on button did nothing.

I unplugged the heater & plugged it back in; the heater still didn't work.

Thinking that the problem might be where the power cord enters the heater, I flexed the cord somewhat. Soon the heater started beeping intermittently; it normally beeps when it's turned on.

A few seconds later, with an arcing sound, a jet of flame, about 3 inches long, shot out of the point where the power cord enters the heater. That flame might have caught something else on fire if there had been any such object close enough.

After a couple of seconds, the flame seemed to extinguish itself the moment before I pulled the plug from the wall.

This heater's predecessor, a similar unit by DeLonghi, also failed due to the power cord flexing, but didn't emit any flame. Apparently it's possible to design this kind of heater so that it doesn't emit flame even if the power cord does fail.
Incident, No Injury
I might call and/or e-mail the mfr this week.
Comment from Pelonis Appliances, Inc. 4/6/2018
We have tried to call the consumer to investigate the incident but we have not been able to reach him. We will continue to contact him.

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