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Ashely Furniture Addison Beach Limited Firm King (Item # M92141), adjustable head (Item # M9X442) and foot (Item # M9X442A) power base.
Furniture, Furnishings & Decorations
Bedroom, Bedding & Bath
Beds or Bedframes, Other or Not Specified (4076)
Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc.    
Ashley Furniture
Item # M9X442,Item # M9X442A, Item # M92141
Ashley Furniture Home Store
Ashley Furniture Home Store is mixing and matching mattresses and bases, in my case a power base to make sales. They are violating Federal Regulation 16 CFR 1633, and possibly others I am not familiar with. I am sure I am not the only person they have sold mattresses with non compliant bases. It took higher measures to get a full refund and pick up of the items. They were not cooperative, and once I pointed out they were violating the federal regulation, they were quick to return the items. They also use false advertisement to get sales. I feel I should report this as it could be fire hazard under the federal regulation, and want to be sure no one is injured due to this, or has to go through my same ordeal. Two of the same mattresses that are not in compliance with the federal regulation collapsed and bulged in the same spot, as it is not fit for use on a power base. I have included photos of the mattress tag, and receipt showing the adjustable head and foot base sold with my mattress are not the item numbers listed on the mattress tag as bases that are compliant under 16 CFR 1633. I did not realize this issue until I was told the second mattress that collapsed was my fault, and I had to file a complaint with the local consumer protection agency. There are many complaints about the quality of their furniture via review sites and the BBB. Many people also complain about their horrible customer service. I have evidence of them stating the mattress they sold is compliant, and one employee saying it was not due to being innerspring. I can provide any information needed.
Incident, No Injury
29 years
Contacted Ashley Furniture Home Store through local Consumer protection agency after they stopped responding to me to get refund due to mattress collapsing twice on the incorrect power bases sold with mattress as a promotional offer
File NameDescription
Sales reciept Blacked out consumer info_Redacted.pdf Receipt showing mattress sold with non compliant base
Exhibit O- Mattress Tags.pdf Mattress tag for mattress purchased showing base item numbers compliant with federal regulations which are not the item numbers shown on receipt for bases sold to me

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