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it is a BIK red disposable lighter with a see through case
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Cigarette or Pipe Lighters (1604)
BIC USA Inc.    
I was sitting at my kitchen table. And had just lit a cigarette with a disposable lighter. Set the lighter down on the wooden table. And then heard a hissing noise coming from the lighter. I had company with me at the table. And one person said, quick get it off the table. It's gonna explode.

I pushed the lighter onto the floor. where it continued make a hissing noise, I proceeded to fill up a tupperware container with 2-3 inches of water and then dropped the lighter into that container.

Had my friend not been present. I would not have put the lighter into water. And possibly a fire could have ensued, especially because the lighter was on a wooden table.
Incident, No Injury
Comment from BIC USA Inc. 10/10/2017
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