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Description Item # 02248459000P Model # 48459

The Kenmore Elite 30" Electric Double Wall Oven has a convenient self-cleaning feature. Its flush-to-cabinet design lends a stylish, built-in look to your kitchen. Enjoy the many features this oven boasts, such as the Warm & Hold feature that keeps foods warm until you're ready to serve them, and the lockout feature that is activated by the simple push of a button.

•Flush-to-cabinet design maintains a sleek and stylish built-in look
•5.1 cu. ft. capacity (both ovens) ensures room for cooking multiple dishes
•True Convection with third element (2,500W) and auto convection conversion make baking easier
•Variable speed convection cooking ensures even results
•True Hidden Bake element delivers ample heat while, out of the way, it increases oven capacity and eases clean-up
•Flex Clean self-cleaning oven cleans in 2 to 4 hours...
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Sears Holdings Management Corporation    
Kenmore Elite
Model # 48459
We purchased from Sears a new Kenmore Elite electric double-wall oven Model # 790.48459411 in December, 2016 for our remodeled kitchen. In all instances, when trying to broil chicken, beef, or fish in our top oven, the oven generated so much smoke and grease that our fire alarms (located about 20 feet away between two rooms) would go off. We contacted Sears, and their experienced technicians came to our home and essentially replaced all of the electrical components in our oven and the heating coil. After this was completed, we placed a 1 inch steak on a professional broiling pan in the top oven at 550 degrees, and lowered the rack position to 4 according to the Sears manual for this oven and in less than 4 minutes in the oven (without even opening the door of the oven) the smoke being blown out of the top of the oven was so dense that our fire alarms went off once again. The Sear's technicians noted this on their report. The steak in less than 4 minutes had thrown grease all over the oven walls, had an excessive amount of smoke in the oven when we opened it, and was cooked well-done in less than 6 minutes without even turning the steak over. We asked Sears to replace the oven, telling them that the oven runs too hot for us to control it. They declined to do so, and told us we needed to reschedule another appointment with the technicians, and assured us in an email that the oven would be fixed. The same technician returned this month (May, 2017) to try to repair our oven. He told us there was nothing further he could do to correct the problem and told us to put foil over the meat when broiling to cut down on the amount of grease and smoke. Inside the oven it tells you not to use foil, which I reminded him of. Then he suggested that we lower the broiling temperature to 500 degrees and once again follow the directions in the Sear's manual for broiling a 1 inch steak. Again, we placed the steak on the same broiling pan in the top oven (which my wife had already cleaned), but this time lowered the rack to the #2 position, which is a "baking " position and after 6 minutes opened the oven to turn the steak over and grease was flying everywhere (even on me), The smoke generated once again caused our fire alarms to go off. But I continued the process, and after 4 minutes broiling on the second side of the steak, we removed the steak to see that the exterior of the steak is charred and the interior of the steak is completely rear (uncooked). We have broiled chicken at the lower temperature of 450 degrees and the same issues. The oven is so hot, that the amount of smoke generated is so severe that we can smell the odors in our second story bedrooms. The amount of grease thrown all over the oven worries us that the oven could potentially catch on fire. Again, we asked Sears to replace the oven, which they have declined to do. We have used the oven less than a dozen times in 5 months. Who would want to cook with this oven knowing that the fire alarms are going to go off each time, and that they will have to clean the excessive amount of grease all over the oven each time. The last encounter we had video of which I can supply in a separate cover. There is no doubt that this oven is too hot to handle. One of last solutions the technician gave us was to simply bake everything in our oven, rather than use the broiler. The technician has now told Sear's management that the oven needs to be replaced and can not be repaired, and Sear's has still declined to remove the oven. It's interesting, that when we purchased the oven in Dec., 2016 that the rating given by Sear's on the oven was a 5 star. If you check it today, they do not rate it on their web-site. I wonder why?
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Sears technicians have tried to fix this problem on 4 known occasions over the past four months even replacing all the electrical and heating coil in the oven. The case # at Sears is [REDACTED]
Comment from Sears Holdings Management Corporation 6/1/2017
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