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blue, transparent regularly sized cigarette lighter
Fuel, Lighters and Fireworks
Lighters & Matches
Cigarette or Pipe Lighters (1604)
6 945794 710077
Little 5 Points Chevron
4/23/2017 This date is an estimate
The following incident occurred on the front steps of my home ([REDACTED]) on Friday, April 28, 2017 at approximately 10:15 a.m. I sat down and, after a brief conversation with a yard-worker, went to lite a [REDACTED] cigarette with a blue MK lighter (barcode: 6 945794 710077) recently purchased from a nearby gas station, Little 5 Points Chevron (372 Moreland Ave. Atlanta, GA 30307). I put the cigarette in my mouth and brought the lighter to the right side of my face with my right hand, shielding it--instinctually--with my left. When I rolled my thumb over the grove of the lighter, however, it did not produce a single, low level flame but, instead, exploded into a ball of flame spanning approximately two feet wide by three feet tall. Though I immediately threw the lighter, still aflame, the explosion burned off all of the hair on my right temple, cheek, chin and upper-neck as well as from my inner right arm. It also significantly singled my right eyebrow and eyelashes, my entire hairline as well as the ends of my hair, clipped atop my head. The explosion also noticeably singed, to a lesser degree, to the my left side of my face, eyebrow and eyelashes. The right side of my scalp, temple, cheek, ear, and arm also showed signs of minor burn that felt raw and remained warm to the touch throughout the remainder of the day. Within a minute or two, a neighbor approached and noted my paralyzing shock. After I'd told him what had happened, he retrieved the same blue, MK lighter from the bottom of the cement steps and handed it to me, noting a crack at its base from my throwing it (in attempts to expel the explosion away from my face). In the hour that followed, I contacted Arrow Lighter (the lighter manufacturer associated with HK lighters) and they seemed generally uninterested, failing to even take down my name, the product number or even develop a report. I was especially horrified by this reaction when, through a very basic internet search, I learned of the many, many reports of HK lighter explosions in addition to one death ([REDACTED], a machinist from Stephenville, Texas was only 56 years... His last words, en route to a Dallas hospital, were: “My lighter exploded.”) I also photo-documented my injuries and met with a Registered Nurse who notated her observations via video. The following day, I returned to the same nearby gas station (Little 5 Points Chevron) and purchased an identical lighter as the one I'd bought a few days before then spoke to the manager about the incident, who relayed that he'd purchased a large batch of MK lighters from Gandhi Wholesale (located, according to further research, at 103 Forest Parkway, Forest Park, GA 30297).
Injury→Injury, No First Aid or Medical Attention Received
28 years
Product included in photo file; see initial report, re: manufacturer
File NameDescription
IMG_1582.JPG Original Lighter, Front
IMG_1583.JPG Original Lighter, Back (Barcode)
IMG_1576.JPG Singed Arm-hair, Burned Arm
IMG_1584_redacted.jpg Singed Eyebrow, Eyelashes & Hair-line
IMG_1581_redacted.jpg Singed Arm-hair, Burned Arm
IMG_1590_redacted.jpg Singed Hair
IMG_1586_redacted.jpg Singed Hair
2nd Lighter, Barcode_redacted.jpg 2nd Lighter Purchase, Receipt-Lighter-Manufacturer
2nd Lighter_redacted.jpg 2nd Lighter Purchase, Receipt-Manufacturer

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