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Chicco Bravo stroller
Bravo 30 TS
Color: Empire
SUI# 0501506403
MCode 10840
Toys & Children
Strollers & Car Seats
Baby Strollers (1522)
Artsana USA, Inc    
Chicco Bravo Stroller
Babies R US
7/20/2016 This date is an estimate
Chicco Bravo Stroller part of the Chicco Travel System
These stroller has a latch system in the bottom of the seat that allows the stroller to fold in half. Twice the plastic that allows for latching has bended while baby is on the stroller with or without the infant car seat. The small piece of plastic bent makes the stroller unstable and starts to fold while baby is in it. This was really dangerous especially because this happens on the street. This stroller is absolutely unsafe and unusable.
I have video and pictures of this incident that has happened twice. First time Chicco replaced it with a new one on Feb 2017, this second time I need to report because it is not one but two defective strollers. Someone else in Amazon has commented the same issue with the stroller.
Street or Highway 
Incident, No Injury
My Child
0 years 7 months
The first time this happened in January I contacted them and they replace it with this new stroller in February. This is the second stroller this happens too, my baby has been in danger of falling twice now.
File NameDescription
IMG_20170416_111911.jpg Plastic from latch system breaks while baby is on stroller
IMG_20170416_111946.jpg Latch system from stroller
VID_20170416_112014_redacted.mp4 Latch system releases without any stop. While pushing baby this makes the stroller bend in half

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