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8 Piece Glass Bake Serve and Store Set (3Qt, 2Qt, Glass Loaf, Glass Pie, 1 cup and 2 cup SNAP containers and lids)
SKU #11182300
made w/thermal shock resistant borosilicate glass
Cookware & Tableware
Nonmetal Cookware (Nonelectric) (461)
Helen of Troy    
8 Piece Glass Bakeware and SNAP Containers Set #11182300
not given on glassware
not given on bakewar 
Bed Bath and Beyond #770
New York
On January 23rd 2017...My daughter baked enchiladas in the glass pan. Ate them and an hour later went to pick up the cooled pan from the counter to put away leftovers and the pan shattered in her left hand. It cut her middle finger causing 5 stitches and not only cut her ring finger, but severed a tendon in that finger. She had stitches and was quickly put on the schedule the next day to have surgery to fix the tendon or else her finger would never be straight.
She was with 3 other roommates at college when this happened and they never saved the pieces from the pan. I think they were so shook up with all the blood and my daughter crying they just got her to the hospital and cleaned up later, not thinking (which I'm not even sure at 53 years old I would think to save the pieces).
We filed a claim w/Oxo with injury pictures, dates, receipt pictures and pictures of the box in which pan was in. They took about 2 months, then last week denied the claim, saying since we didn't have the broken pieces, they had to deny. I don't want to get an attorney involved, but I'm scared for anyone else that uses these pans. The pan was clearly cooled off or my daughter wouldn't have picked it up. We also told Oxo we have a $2,500 deductible and they said the most they could do was $38 to replace the pans.
As it turns out our insurance company (Keystone Blue Cross/Blue Shield) has denied all of our claims (now up to $12,000) saying she was out of network and we just retained an attorney to file an appeal to the insurance company.
Injury→Injury, Emergency Department Treatment Received
My Child
22 years
Filed a claim and it was denied.
Comment from Helen of Troy 4/13/2017
OXO acknowledges receipt of the submission. We attempted to collect the product subject to the submission, but these were discarded by the consumer prior to lodging a claim with the company. We are therefore unable to further investigate the incident.
File NameDescription
injury1.JPG cut fingers before surgery after stitches
injury2.JPG ring finger after surgery, incision inside of finger going towards hand

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