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Light melts wax
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12/1/2009 This date is an estimate
I have a Partylite room deorderizer that caught fire . It is 5 years old and I use it about 12 days a month. It made a loud pop and flames shot up and a lot of smoke. We unplugged it and took it outside. It burnt the table top but no one hurt and I only want to protect it from happing to anyone else. 12/21/2016
Incident, No Injury
Sent e mail to Partylite
Comment from PARTYLITE GIFTS, INC. 1/18/2017
The Solid Room Deodorizer referenced in Report Number 20161222-33700-2147409005 was sold by PartyLite as French Simplicity Scentglow warmer in our Fall 2010 catalog. It is an appliance that uses an incandescent light bulb for light and to heat scented wax in a dish above the bulb. It is a common industry design for these types of appliances. 2010 was the last year we this design was sold by PartyLite. It has been replaced with a design eliminating the light bulb and replacing it with LED lights and resistance heaters in a secure enclosure. This was done in part to eliminate consumer access to the heating and lighting components.

PartyLite has not been able to examine the item described in this report but we assume that the incident was caused by a short. These failures are extremely rare in this type of appliance and are most often caused by user error. Such errors may be caused by:
• A higher wattage light bulb – 25 watt is specified.
• Foreign matter in the socket – this can arc and cause a short.
• Failing to tighten the bulb or overtightening the bulb when installing in the warmer – this can cause damage to the bulb or socket.
• Defective light bulb.
• Foreign matter on the light bulb – may heat up causing the bulb to fail.
• Liquid or other non-wax based fragrance delivery substance in the dish or moving the the dish with liquid wax in it – this could cause the failure indicated.
All of these items were sold with use and care and safety warning. Withouth extensive analysis we have no way to ensure that these are followed. In the past 6 years we have seen no complaints or returns for this type of problem so it is our opinion that there is no substantial product hazard with this design.

Warnings included in the Use and Care instructions as follows:
1. Do not place this warmer where it can fall into water, such as near a sink or bathtub. Immediately UNPLUG warmer if it falls into water.
2. This warmer is intended exclusively for warming PartyLite scented wax. Use the warmer only for its intended purpose.
3. The warmer may become very hot. Always allow the warmer to cool before handling.
4. When in operation, keep away from things that catch fire.
5. Keep away from children and pets.
6. Do not touch or move the liquid wax until it has cooled and solidified.
7. Do not place water, fragrance oils, or AromaSimmers in the warmer dish.
8. This product is for indoor use only.
9. Use only 25 watt standard light bulbs. Higher wattage bulbs may result in injury and fire.

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IMG_6432.JPG After fire

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