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Sears Electric Variable Speed Electric Blower/Vacuum. 12amp, 220MPH/360CFM
Yard & Garden
Lawn Mowers, Leaf Blowers and Lawn Vacuums
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Sears Craftsman
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8/11/2012 This date is an estimate
I purchased the Sears Craftsman Leaf Blower/Vacuum in the summer of 2012. The next fall, in 2013, while using the blower, fire started to come out of the unit. I quickly unplugged it, and the fire subsided. My son was using the unit and suffered minor burns to his hand. I took the unit to the Sears store I purchased it from, and they said I must have been using a defective electrical cord. This was not the case, the cord I was using was in perfect working order, and has not given me any problems using it for other appliances such as a power washer or hedge trimmer. Since my blower was over 1 year old, they said it was also off of warranty (by about 2 months). I just received a safety recall notice in the mail describing the exact problem I experienced, however, my model number doesn't fall into the same range as the ones in the recall. I just want to report this because it is the same issue described in the recall notice and the potential for a more severe burn outcome than we experienced.
Injury→Injury, Seen by Medical Professional
My Child
17 years
I called the number on the product, I was told it was not involved in the safety recall notice I received.
Comment from Sears Holdings Management Corporation 9/28/2016
Sears Holdings takes product safety issues very seriously. We investigate each CPSC database incident report. We encourage our customers to provide additional information about incidents to our Customer Care Network, by calling 800-479-6351.

CPSC does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or adequacy of the contents of the Publicly Available Consumer Product Safety Information Database on, particularly with respect to information submitted by people outside of CPSC.