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The product is the bottle of an alcoholic (5%) seltzer beverage called "Truly Spiked & Sparkling: Colila Lime".
Containers & Packaging
Glass Alcoholic Beverage Bottles (1122)
The Boston Beer Company, Inc.    
TRULY Spiked & Sparkling
United Dairy Farmers Convenience Store
A bottle of Truly Spiked & Sparkling Colila Lime contained a shard of glass. I believe the shard was broken off during manufacturing, as there is a depression in the lip of the bottle (where the screw-top is affixed) that perfectly matches the shape and size of the shard. The shard is thin, crescent-shaped, and quite sharp. Both the glass and the beverage are clear and colorless, so I did not notice the shard until I felt it in my mouth. I had some difficulty avoiding swallowing it, and it scratched my throat in the process. I was otherwise unharmed, and the scratch has now healed, however it would have been very easy to inadvertently swallow the glass, which could cause significant injury to the gastrointestinal tract.

I contacted the company regarding the issue and they requested to have the the bottle and shard shipped back to them. I am complying with the request in the hope it will aid their investigation into the cause of the problem and prevent injury to other people. However I wish they would take immediate action--at least one other person reported this exact problem on twitter, so the incident is not isolated.
Injury→Injury, No First Aid or Medical Attention Received
31 years
I have contacted the company regarding the incident and am complying with a request to ship the product back to them.

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