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BIC Mini Lighters
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Cigarette or Pipe Lighters (1604)
BIC USA Inc.    
faulty fuel ignition/disbursement design. there is no 'Warning" on the BIC mini lighters to indicate the inconsistent, and dangerously high flame when they are new; there either needs to be a 'regulator' for the amount/flame size OR, they should make the mini with an adjustable flame.

I only smoke outdoors. while using any new BIC Mini lighter, the flame is huge and uncontrollable; if even the slightest breeze blows by, the flame will burn fingers/knuckles/fingernails & nose/nose hairs. If I had long hair & wore it down. I would NOT even use this lighter. In addition, the 'warning' says avoid temps of 120 -- all it takes is the lighter being in a pocket at 75 degrees and the flame reaches a very dangerous height.

My complaint/concerns addressed directly to BIC resulted in a 'coupon'.
Injury→Injury, First Aid Received by Non-Medical Professional
64 years
Comment from BIC USA Inc. 7/22/2016
Your report through the Consumer Product Safety Commission database has been forwarded to us for comment. As you know, we have also received your emails regarding this matter. As explained in our correspondence to you, in order to better understand the circumstances surrounding your report, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss this matter with you. Please contact us directly through the contact information in your possession or by email using the link below.

We care a great deal about the quality of all of our products. The experiences and opinions of consumers who use BIC products will be helpful to us in our continuous effort to provide BIC products of the highest possible quality. Thank you for your comment.

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