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Slide In Gas Range, Stainless Steel

Model name or number Serial number: These numbers match the numbers on the inside of oven but the consumer noticed on the receipt the technician gave her it says:
model number: 79032643310*
Serial number same: AF44600128
Gas Ranges or Ovens (279)
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Kenmore Elite
The consumer stated that she and her husband started feeling sick about two weeks ago. They would get severe headache, muscle weakness, nausea, vomiting and dizziness. The consumer's husband also had a high fever.

The consumer could smell propane gas in the over after she would use the oven to bake. On 4/7/16, the consumer was baking and strong propane gas fumes filled the house. The consumer had to ventilate the and leave the area for a bit.

The consumer contacted Sears right away. They sent out a technician on 4/8/16. The technician identified the problem to the ignitor and regulator. The technician stated that the oven does not ignite after pre-heat and leaks a lot of gas during that time. The consumer was informed that the unit was igniting after releasing a lot of gas and that could have cause an - the consumer believes he said it could have been very bad. The technician ordered a new regulator and ignitor. The consumer is supposed to receive the parts this week.

The technician is returning back on 4/15/16 to install the new parts. The technician informed the consumer that they can continue using the stove top. The consumer was not comfortable using the stove top and cut off all gas to the unit.

The consumer had a 225 gallons of propane gas deliver on 3/21/16. The consumer stated that the supply usually lasts at least 2 months. Instead, within 3 weeks, the propane gas was completely empty when they checked on 4/10/16.

The consumer and her husband are feeling better after cutting of the gas to the unit.

The consumer has a master protection plan so there was no charge for any of the service or parts.

The consumer's unit appears to be included in recall # 15-142 but for different hazard than the one that they experienced.

4/15/2016 Technician replaced regulator and ignitor. This did not fix problem so he ordered a BakeBurner and setup an appointment for 4/20/2016.

4/20/2016 Technician replaced the BakeBurner. He showed the consumers the new BakeBurner was different than the original BakeBurner which came with the oven. 3 holes have been added to the new one to make sure it ignites. (holes added by the manufacturer NOT technician) He took pictures of the new and old BakeBurner and called in a report on it.
Injury→Injury, No First Aid or Medical Attention Received
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Injury→Injury, No First Aid or Medical Attention Received
Comment from Sears Holdings Management Corporation 5/4/2016
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