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Grey shower chair/bench with backing. It is lightweight and weighs about 7lbs. Claims it can hold a 400 lb. capacity. The height is adjustable between 15 1/2" - 19 1/2". Product name is Shower Chair With Back by Drive Medical.
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Drive Medical    
Drive Medical
Shower Chair With Back Item# RTL12202KDR
I ordered a shower bench for my grandma, so it could help her with her showers. The shower bench instructions tell you that tools are not required to assemble the chair, just screws that you twist in. There is holes for different heights to suit your preference of how high or low you want the chair. As I was twisting in one screw, my knuckle, on my index finger on my right hand, grazed the hole below, that had the rough aluminum edge and took a chunk of my knuckle off. I waited a few hours and once the bleeding did not stop, I went to [REDACTED] urgent care. I received a tenuous shot, numbing shot, three sutures and a metal brace. Two weeks later my sutures were removed. I was unable to work for those two weeks. The site of the injury is still sore and because of the location it's difficult to bend when I have to open a door, using a key to unlock, driving and anything that requires the use of my index finger and bending it causes pain and discomfort. I have contacted the manufacturer Drive Medical DBA Drive Medical Devilbiss regarding compensation for my injury and losses caused by a defect in their product. They have denied my claim and have yet to offer me a replacement chair. This item should be recalled before someone gets seriously hurt. If this product were to injure an elderly or disabled person, the injury might be worse. If this sharp, rough aluminum edge were to cut an elderly person with delicate skin, their healing time could be much longer due to infection, etc.
Injury→Injury, Emergency Department Treatment Received
27 years
I have contacted the manufacturer. I explained the situation. They sent me a label to send the chair back but I have not. They have not offered to replace the chair or reimburse me for my expenses or losses I've had due to the injury from their product.
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Screenshot_2015-12-18-13-34-29.png Listing of the shower chair I purchased on
Screenshot_2015-12-18-13-34-33.png Listing of the shower chair I purchased on
20151009_103725.jpg Right after the incident
20151009_152911.jpg Quickly took this picture after I rinsed and dabbed dry
20151017_1308410.jpg The hole that cut my knuckle. You can see the sharpness in the aluminum
20151012_084257.jpg Stitches in and a burn mark from the numbing shot
20151016_195027.jpg My whole finger area bruised
20151010_195641.jpg Bruised on the back of the finger
20151023_2142092.jpg After the sutures were removed and the scar I'm left with

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