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over the range microwave oven
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3/5/2011 This date is an estimate
(11/19/2015) The consumer stated that she was in the kitchen around 2:00 AM. The microwave came on by itself. The monitor indicated "express". It did a count down to zero, then stopped.

Less than one minute later, the same thing happened. This happened for about three or four times. The consumer touched the microwave and discovered that the inside and outside was hot. The consumer opened the microwave door and closed it. The microwave came on again. This time the monitor indicated "short circuit-need to service".
The consumer unplugged the connection.

(11/19/2015)The consumer contacted the company. She was referred to the Safety Department. The consumer spoke to [REDACTED], who opened a case-number 1371321. The consumer was advised that someone would come out to check the unit.
The consumer was offered a $220 new microwave totaling $263.00 with 20% discount, including delivery, tax, installation, and haul away.

(11/25/2015) The technician came out and advised the consumer that the problem was in the control panel. He also advised the consumer that sometimes the short-circuit is caused by the stove. The technician told the consumer that the repair would cost $199.

The consumer added her main purpose is safety, but their interest was to repair or replace; after no explanation from repairman who said he was not an engineer and it was above his pay grade. The consumer also added her interest is: Does this product need to be recalled? For dangerous fire hazard? If she was not at home when it [microwave] came on by itself what would happen?

The consumer noted she could not unplug [microwave] as it was too high, and she almost called the fire department, but got a neighbor who helped her unplug [it].

Incident, No Injury

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