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Remington traing dummy (dog toy)
Pet Supplies
Pet Supplies (1715)
Dear Sir or Madam:

Enclosed please find a copy of a consumer complaint sent to our office. We would appreciate you investigating this complaint to detennine whether there has been a violation of the laws that you administer or enforce. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding this matter.

Very truly yours
Consumer Protection and Antitrust Division


I purchased this product for my dog
because I needed something that would float. I noticed a rattle inside and thought it might be a squeaker toy that broke, since I've neve purchased this product before. On the eighth my children ages 9 and 6 took the dog and toy to the SPCA pool party at the new river park public pool. We noticed it was filling up with water. My dog retrieved the toy once and wouldn't get it again. Another child jumped in and brought it to us. My son held the toy and we used a ball. I squeezed the water out several times. My dog wouldn't eat for 24 hrs after (he's 10 months old, so I figured maybe too much excitement. He had a discharge coming out of both eyes for several days after. Again, I assu it was from the chlorine. On Saturday 9/12/15 I gave the toy to the dog to occupy him and he ripped the top off. That's when I not the needle inside. I immediately investigated it ( foolishly without gloves) it looked to me like a livestock needle that had been glued inside as there was a white glue-like substance at the base of this needle.
I immediately to the dog and toy to the store where purchased, spoke to the Assistant manager and got contact numbers of supplier and headquarters. I sent a photo and detailed explanation to TSC headquarters and got a website filed a complaint for to coastal pet products on Saturday afternoon. TSC contacted me Sunday via email and said company and manufacturer will contact me. No one did, so I called coastal on Monday 9-14-I5 at 1:10 pm. Spoke to quality safety
assurance, [REDACTED]. He assured met his was a manufacturing needle and an accident. Stated he no longer uses said manufacturer, since a month due to poor quality of product and they never had this happen before. I did feel comfortable with his explanation so I took the needle to my veterinarian( I also sent him a picture on Saturday). He and another vet ( at a different clinic) both agreed it was in fact a hypodermic veterinary needle 16 gauge 1 3/4 long. Keep in mind the
toy is 11 inches long and 2 inches in diameter. I called [REDACTED] at Coastal again and told him this new information as my veterinarian told me to do. He was arrogant and demanded that the company uses it to INJECT AIR( the day before that he stated it was used to EXTRACT AIR from product) I took notes on our conversation. He also stated " I had you convinced this was a manufacturing mishap yesterday, now you've talked to these two people and they've convinced you otherwise!" " I get the impression you don't trust me!" I hung up. Told TSC headquarters I will contact attorney General. On Thursday 9-17-15 the owner of Coastal Pet called me and said he had a better explanation. I listened, he stated that INDEED it was a " medical needle" and that's what the manufacturer uses to INJECT air into product. I explained what his employee told
me and he said that he saw [REDACTED notes. He also told me a strange story that the needle accidentally came off the tool and the next person just filled the hole and packaged it. I explained again, this time to [REDACTED]. THIS NEEDLE WAS BAKED INTO THE PRODUCT! It was at the top of the toy , not the bottom. You could see the indentation where it was melted into the vinyl material!! It shows no wear on the tip( as one might think if it was already used in a factory.
There was a lot of conversation between the two of us and his employee. I have it documented.
The explanations given to me do not make sense. No one has contacted me since last Thursday afternoon. I'm disgusted beyond words that I would spend a hefty price for a dog toy and find a HYPODERMIC GIANT NEEDLE INSIDE AFTER MY KIDS AND I HAVE SQUEEZED IT,THREW IT, SWAM IN THE WATER WITH IT!!! I don't want more toys from them as they were trying to send me! I want a factual explanation, and since my children, my self, other people's children as well as our dogs were exposed to this needle. I absolutely cannot rest until it is proven to me there in fact was NOTHING ON OR IN THIS NEEDLE THAT MIGHT HARM MY FAMILY OR THE OTHERS EXPOSED TO IT!
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Incident, No Injury
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  • 12/3/2015
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  • 20151008-D31FC-1522823
Incident Description: 9/12/15 just 12 days after purchasing a Remington Training Dummy at local Tractor Supply store. MADE IN CHINA FOR COASTAL PET PRODUCTS, ALLIANCE, OHIO. A 16 gauge 2 inch long veterinarian HYPODERMIC NEEDLE was inside. It was inside when the product was hot, ... (More)
Product: Pet Supplies (1715)
Product Description: Remington Training Dummy. White vinyl x 2 inch 11inch. Official Remington Product. Made in china for Coastal Pet Products LLC, Alliance Ohio.
Injury Info: Incident, No Injury
Manufacturer / Importer / Private Labeler: COASTAL PET PRODUCTS

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