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Remington Training Dummy. White vinyl x 2 inch 11inch. Official Remington Product. Made in china for Coastal Pet Products LLC, Alliance Ohio.
Pet Supplies
Pet Supplies (1715)
Tractor Supply Store #1448
West Virginia
9/12/15 just 12 days after purchasing a Remington Training Dummy at local Tractor Supply store. MADE IN CHINA FOR COASTAL PET PRODUCTS, ALLIANCE, OHIO. A 16 gauge 2 inch long veterinarian HYPODERMIC NEEDLE was inside. It was inside when the product was hot, as it was imbedded into the hollow inside of this vinyl training toy. There is also vinyl on the needle. I will email the pictures of said needle and toy to you.

9/8/15 my children and I took our 11 month German Shepherd Dog to a S.P.C.A. benefit doggie dive. We also took this Remington Training Dummy. Our dog jumped into the pool ONCE and retrieved the toy. He would’nt get it the next 2 times and a child in the pool brought it back to me. The children and I repeatedly squeezed water from this toy, unknowing to us that a large TWO INCH LONG Hypodermic SHARP needle was lurking inside THIS TWO INCH DIAMETER TRAINING TOY. My dog didn’t eat that night or the next morning. He did eat supper 24 hrs after the pool party. He also had a milky white discharge coming from both eyes for three days. I didn’t notice any obvious bleeding from my dog. These symptoms are PRIOR TO FINDING THE NEEDLE INSIDE, so I assumed it was from the excitement and chlorine. After discovery of needle on 9/12/15 I notified local store, their Headquarters and the importer, Coastal Pet Products. I did speak to my vet’s office and I showed them this toy/needle. Two Veterinarians from separate clinics agreed it was a medical veterinarian needle.
Incident, No Injury
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Product: Pet Supplies (1715)
Product Description: Remington traing dummy (dog toy)
Injury Info: Incident, No Injury
Manufacturer / Importer / Private Labeler: COASTAL PET PRODUCTS

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