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2 Piece Propane Tree
Fuel, Lighters and Fireworks
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Fuel-burning Lighting Equipment (4060)
The Coleman Company, Inc.    
9/1/2013 This date is an estimate
While camping with the family, we were using a Coleman 2 Piece Propane Tree (Model No.2000005192) to connect my propane lantern to a standard 20lb propane tank. While using the lantern, the plastic "hand wheel" (as they call it on their website) that attaches the propane tree to the propane tank split in two and caused the propane tree to pivot where it connects to the tank, causing the lantern to come crashing down and break on the ground. Had I not been incredibly careful to keep it away from anything combustible, it could have easily started a fire. This was only the 3rd time I have used the propane tree and the plastic nut (or "hand wheel") was only hand tightened onto the propane tank per the instructions. I would guess that material expansion and contraction caused by the change in temperature caused the plastic to break. It was almost 90 degrees out and running the lantern caused the propane tank to get cold. I would consider this to be a very big safety flaw. That nut should clearly be made out of a material that can withstand these types of temperature fluctuations since it is not uncommon for people to use it during the summer and propane tanks will always get cold when being used.
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35 years
I contacted the manufacturer, but I have not heard back yet.
Comment from The Coleman Company, Inc. 11/6/2015
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IMG_20150908_213845.jpg Cracked "hand wheel" that connects to propane tank.

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