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Thule infant sling, designed to support infants 1-10 months in the chariot and other Thule lines of strollers that arre designed for larger, more upright children. It is a hammock style device that straps inside the large jogging/bike trailer stroller and supports infants with little or not head control.
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I purchased a Thule Infant Sling for my Chariot stroller The sling is an infant hammock style device and has 4 tie in supports and allows an infant with no head control to use a stroller unit designed for older more upright childen. My sling was less than 2 weeks old on its third use, and the upper support's stitching gave way on one of the support straps causing it to turn my daughter sideways (she was strapped into it and did not fall out, was only badly scared) and her head to flop down. The stitching had completely ripped out with my three month old using the product (it is marketed for 1-10 months), so guessing much larger and heavier kids than my daughter are using this thing. Further, my family was over a mile from home on a walk, and because the sling is the only safe way for an infant to use the stroller, we had to hand carry her all the way home, causing her to get over-exposed to the sun, since she could not sit in the shade of the stroller as we had planned. It seems dangerous that this product is designed to hold the full weight of infants in an active setting and is so poorly designed that the stitching will completely fail on the main components holding the child up. It could easily result in a serious injury, not to mention since its a product designed for mobility could fail at very inconvenient times for parents who are far from home and have no other method for safely transporting their child.
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