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Dynacraft NEXT boy's bike purchased from Walmart
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Dynacraft BSC, Inc.    
My family purchased a Dynacraft NEXT boy's bike from Walmart and
within 12 hours the rear tire and tube had split open. We then spent
another 2 hours of our camping vacation, and more money on replacing
the tube, tire, and purchasing tools to get the lug nuts off the bike
tire (that required WD 40, and two tool sets because they were
tightened with such force). The tire was properly inflated to the
recommended PSI and the bike was supposedly "checked" by Walmart
personnel before we left the store. We have receipts for all items
purchased, and kept the busted tube and tire. This is simply
unacceptable quality; we shouldn't spend nearly as much on repairing a
day-old bike as we spent on the bike itself. Luckily my stepson only
suffered minor scrapes after the tire blew.

I have reported this to the company (11 days ago) and have heard nothing back from them.
Injury→Injury, First Aid Received by Non-Medical Professional
11 years
We repaired the bike; contacted Dynacraft on July 31, have heard no response.
Comment from Dynacraft BSC, Inc. 8/28/2015
Dynacraft BSC, Inc. has reviewed this report, which it appreciates receiving given its concern for the safety of its products, and provides the following in response. Dynacraft’s product liability team is in the process of investigating this matter and as a result we understand that the consumer claims that the rear tire on her son’s bicycle failed after about 30 minutes of riding on a half paved, half gravel road. The consumer’s son sustained a few minor scrapes and did not require any medical attention. The photographs provided by the consumer show what appears to be damage to both the rear tire and the rear inner tube. The consumer did not witness the incident and the consumer’s son reportedly did not recall hitting anything with the rear wheel. Although the consumer reported previously contacting Dynacraft, it appears that the contact was attempted to an incorrect email address. Subsequently, the consumer contacted Dynacraft’s customer service department at the correct address and was provided with replacement parts. Given the available information, we cannot rule out improper use or abuse as possible causes of the reported incident at this time. Nevertheless, this appears to be an isolated incident.

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