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GE crystal clear halogen light bulb, 72 watts, 1490 lumens. Bulb that came from same pack says H4 on top, made in Hungary.
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Crystal clear, 72 watt/1490 lumens
I don't know
I don't know
11/1/2014 This date is an estimate
A GE halogen 72-watt light bulb exploded in our dining room light fixture, sending shards of glass all over the room. Some tiny pieces were even embedded in the table and hardwood floor, and they left little scorch marks. Thankfully no one was in the room when it happened - the shards could have lodged in someone's skin or eyes. The light had been turned on for about 2 hours, and the bulb had been in there for a while - probably several weeks.
Incident, No Injury
45 years
We kept what's left of bulb. We plan to notify GE.
File NameDescription
Broken bulb in fixture.jpg Exploded bulb still in light fixture
Bulb from same package 2.jpg Bulb from same package - side view
Bulb from same package.jpg Bulb from same package - top view
Package May 2015 - similar to one that exploded.jpg Package from Target, May 2015 - not same one, but this is type I had purchased

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