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Front Loading Washer
Home Maintenance and Structures
Laundry, Fabric Care & Sewing
Washing Machines, Other or Not Specified (140)
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General Electric
5/1/2008 This date is an estimate
The consumer stated that within six months to a year of purchasing the washer, he started having issues with the washer banging on the floor and hitting the nearby dryer.

The consumer contacted the retailer in regards to the issues. The unit was under warranty through the retailer. The consumer was sent out a technician for inspection. The technician determined that a part (shock device) had to be replaced. The technician replaced the part during his visit.

The consumer stated that the issue reoccurred about a month later.

The consumer contacted the retailer again for the issue. The consumer was sent out another technician who replaced the shock device part again. They informed him to lighten up the load. The consumer stated that the clothes did not completely dry. They informed him to put the load on dry-spin cycle if the clothes weren't completely dry.

The issue again reoccurred within 1-2 months. The consumer lived with the problem for a few years. The warranty on the unit had expired by then.

About a year to year and half ago, the consumer contacted an independent technician. The technician replaced the same shock device. The consumer stated that the technician also adjusted the pedestal so that the unit was balanced.The consumer also lightened up the wash load. This allowed the banging to become less. The consumer paid about $350 for repair.

The consumer had the unit looked at again by a different independent technician from [REDACTED] (Snellville, GA) on 5/14/15. The technician tested the unit and took it back to his shop. The consumer was contacted to come into the shop on 05/16/15 to look at the unit. The technician showed the consumer that the rubber gasket appears to have been installed incorrectly by the manufacturer. That incorrect installation cause the bearing to throw off and cause issues with his unit. The consumer was notified that this was a manufacturer's defect.

The technician put in a rush order on the part to have it replaced. In the meantime, the consumer was provided a loaner washer while the repair work is being conducted. The consumer will be paying $350 for the part and labor.

The consumer had a separate 5 year retailer's warranty on the unit. The consumer stated that the retailer failed to inspect the unit properly while it was being repaired under warranty. The technicians that came out through the retailer never took the unit completely apart from the back to examine the issues.

The consumer's unit does not appear to be under any recalls.

The technician mention the rubber seal gasket may have been a manufacturer defect. There was out of pocket expenses for necessary repairs. This problem wasn't determined until after the consumer's extended warranty expired!
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