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Ge stove top model number C2S980SEM1SS
and serial number FR2047039
Gas Ranges or Ovens (279)
GE Appliances & Lighting    
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My GE stove top gas burner model number C2S980SEM1SS and serial number FR2047039 has defective knobs that turn the gas on and off. The knobs are made of plastic and the interior of each knob is cracked. Further, when you try to turn the stove off the knobs just spin in circles making it impossible to fully turn the gas off. This becomes problematic and extremely dangerous given the stove has a self igniting spark. Once you have noticed your kitchen smells like gas if you turn the defective knob you're either going to turn the gas up higher or ignite your house up in flames. My house almost blew up and my face was hit with a giant flame as I tried frantically to turn the gas to the stove off.
I contacted GE and they sent a repair man to my house. He told me that GE has known about this problem going on four years now. They no longer use plastic knobs in the newer models. I believe there should be a mandatory recall for any consumer using the defective plastic knobs on the older models before someone gets seriously injured or dies.
After talking to GE my self and voicing my concern over this major safety issue It is my belief they will only do a recall unless forced. I have saved my old knobs if they need to be used as evidence or if you would like to send an independent technician out to verify the defective product in use with my stove.
GE is replacing my knobs free of charge. My concern now is for every other consumer out there using the old knobs. Someone should not have to get seriously injured or die in order for GE to do the right thing.
Injury→Injury, First Aid Received by Non-Medical Professional
54 years
I reported the problem. The knew the proble exsited but chose to let me get injured before notifying me of the problem. They have now replaced my knobs free of charge.

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