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Microwave Combo Wall Oven
Microwave Ovens (264)
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General Electric
6/15/2005 This date is an estimate
05/15/2010 (Approximate) - The consumer was using her microwave unit when all of a sudden it stopped working after she heard a pop noise. The circuit breaker supplying power to the unit was damaged and the consumer had to call an Electrician to come and replace said circuit breaker as all the wires were burnt.

The consumer contacted the manufacturer and they sent a Service Technician. The Service Technician informed the consumer that he could not tell what part needed to be fixed as the product's information (model, serial, etc.) had been erased.

The consumer contacted the manufacturer and informed her that her unit was recalled. The manufacturer informed the consumer that without product information, they could not repair the unit.

The consumer contacted another Service Technician and when he inspected the unit, he informed the consumer that her unit was included in a recall. The consumer had to pay out of pocket to fix the unit.

04/24/2015 - The consumer's daughter informed the consumer that she was using the microwave and it was making more noise than usual.

04/29/2015 - The consumer's daughter went to use the microwave to heat up some food and set it to two minutes. Her daughter complained that the microwave was making more noise and sparking than usual still and when the unit stopped, the consumer indicates her daughter complained as well that the food did not heat.

05/01/2015 - The consumer contacted the manufacturer and explained everything that has been happening with the unit. The representative informed the consumer that she saw the notes of the previous times the consumer had called. The consumer was informed they would send a Service Technician but that without the serial number, they could not do anything.

The consumer indicates that there are burn marks inside the microwave as well as above the microwave's casing on the cabinet. The consumer's husband, a Veteran, is on dialysis due to injuries incurred while at war and so a lot of his food has to be heated hence not having a working microwave is becoming a burden for the consumer.

The consumer does not feel safe using the unit so she has since then stopped using it. The consumer believes this product poses a safety hazard.

The consumer added, on May 5, 2015, GE Consumer Relations sent a GE repair person to look at her oven combo. The consumer noted the repair person said she needed a part which they were charged first $580.00, then he [technician] discounted it to $269.68. The consumer also noted the technician put the part in and two days later the microwave did the same thing again, and it is not working.

The consumer also added she enclosed a copy of receipt of service.
Incident, No Injury

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