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Gasoline cans, 1-gallon size and 2-gallon size
Fuel, Lighters and Fireworks
Fuel Storage
Gasoline Cans (981)
Briggs & Stratton
Home Depot
4/16/2014 This date is an estimate
I had replaced two gasoline cans because I had lost the gaskets and I couldn't purchase only gaskets. Unfortunately, I disposed of the old cans before using the new cans. The mandated design is absolutely terrible. I now spill more gasoline with one lawn mower or snow blower or leaf blower fill than I did in the previous fifty years COMBINED.

First, when removing the nozzle from the tank, some drops spill from the stopper at the end of the nozzle.

Second, it's nearly impossible to get the nozzle on tight enough to completely stop leaks.

Third, when filling the leaf blower, the blower is not heavy enough to allow me to push against the nozzle spring. I have to use two hands and get my hands covered with gasoline to hold the nozzle open and then aim the nozzle.

Fourth, the design of the nozzle prevents me from looking inside the tank and I frequently overfill causing more spillage.

Fifth, when removing the nozzle, some gasoline always drips out.

Sixth, adding insult to injury, I must leave the garage door open for an extended period time to allow the spillage to dry up. This is especially galling when using the snow blower in the winter.

Initially, I blamed myself and believed that I'd eventually learn how to use the gasoline cans safely but it's been a year now with four or five lawn mower fillings, three snow blower fillings and to leaf blower fillings.
Incident, No Injury
I am unable to purchase a safe gasoline can. This design is the only design available.
Comment from THE PLASTICS GROUP 5/4/2015
EPA emission regulations in effect since January 1, 2009 dictated changes to all Portable Fuel Containers. The EPA requires that the spout automatically closes and stays closed until a user actuates the spout. The Plastics Group Smart Fill portable fuel containers meet all applicable standards and regulations.
Instructions for usage of the Smart Fill spout are provided on the front of the container. The Plastics Group also provides an instructional video on our website and on youtube. The video can be viewed at
The video demonstrates and explains the proper use of the can and spout.
The Plastics Group will continue to provide customers with the best possible usage instructions and videos and to make improvements to our instructions as necessary.
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Incident Description: This is additional information regarding incident report #20150419-8B303-2147433615. Subsequent to filing the report, I went to use one of the gasoline cans and, as I pulled the spout from the can, the spout stopper came loose and fell inside the can. I am ... (More)
Product: Gasoline Cans (981)
Product Description: Gasoline can
Injury Info: Incident, No Injury
Manufacturer / Importer / Private Labeler: THE PLASTICS GROUP

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