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The earpods that came with the IPhone 6 are white.
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IPhone 6 Earpods
It was early on the morning of the New Year 2015, and I was sitting on the couch listening to music from my smart phone with the ear pods inserted into my ears. The maximum volume for the device is (16) sixteen, however, I had my player set on (13) while I listened to the music. I was listening to the “Official Whip” song when midway through the song I heard a popping sound in my left ear, immediately removed the ear pods from my ears and noticed that all the background noises in the room sounded muffled through my left ear. In my left ear I could hear a continuous never-ending ringing sound along with a constant pounding that coincided with my heart beat. I did not tell anyone right away because I did not think it was anything serious, instead I ask my mom if I could have an ibuprofen for the pain I was experiencing. I went throughout the day and night hoping that the pain would subside and my ear would get better. However, when I awoke I had blood and a pus like discharge coming from my left ear. Afraid of what may have happened to me, I quickly told my mother what had happened and she drove me to an urgent care facility (Medfast Urgent Care) in Fuquay-Varina, NC without delay.
Once at the urgent care facility I was examined by a Doctor who explained to my mother and I that I had a ruptured eardrum -- also known as a perforated eardrum or a tympanic membrane perforation. The doctor explained that my ear would heal on its own, but I now would face the possibility of and ear infection, so he prescribed antibiotic ear drops to help prevent my ear from becoming infected as well as Ibuprofen for pain. The doctor stated that he wanted me to have a follow up treatment in (4) four weeks.
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I have the earpods, but fearful to use as it may result in future damage. I plan to contact the Sprint store customer service and/or Apple management.
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