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Axiom Leather Sofa and Loveseat
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Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc.    
Ashley Axiom Leather Sofa and Loveseat
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I recently purchased the Ashley Axiom sofa and loveseat from Ashley Furniture.

After it was delivered it had a terrible chemical smell. It was making everyone in my family sick. Eyes burning, throat burning, dizziness...migraine headaches. We have been working with AAFES to get it returned. It has been in our home for 7 days It is still making us sick. We have had windows open, air cleaners running. It is very heavy and we have no way to move it out of our house. We haven't even sat on it! The next morning we moved it into another room because we couldn't even be near it.

We can smell the sofa and notice it comes from certain sections. We thought we were buying a set made of all leather. After lifting the cushion it states it is 50% leather and 50% leather splits. The strong odor is coming from the sections of "leather splits".

These are large heavy pieces and our garage is detached and we have no way to get it our of our house till the merchant gets it removed. But after 7 days the smell is still there and making us sick.

We have leather furniture upstairs and we never had this issue before.

Also after we started having these issues I found another complaint on this very same website posted in 2012 with the same issues!!
Injury→Injury, Level of care not known
47 years
the rep wouldn't help me at Ashley Furniture. She told me to call AAFES and have them pick it up if I wasn't happy
Comment from Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. 11/24/2014
The leather and other materials used to manufacture this sofa have been third party tested and verified as meeting or exceeding the safety requirements for chemicals of concern established for those materials. Inventory of this sofa has been inspected and we have no information to suggest that this is not a unique consumer situation. Ashley was able to speak with this customer directly and resolve her concerns related to this unique situation. Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. always appreciates the opportunity to work with our customers and we encourage all of our customers to use our website,, or our Customer Care hotline (1-800-477-2222 extension 5013) to address product questions and service issues.

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