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Ameri-can 5 gal gas can
Fuel, Lighters and Fireworks
Fuel Storage
Gasoline Cans (981)
Scepter Corporation    
AB205 [REDACTED] on bottom
87853 00003
Dont See 
9/7/2014 This date is an estimate
Bought a new gas can, Ameri-Can made by Scepter USA in Miami, Oklahoma. Can fills like all cans, but is hard to get gas out of it. The press lock does not stay unlocked long enough to get the can raised to pour, forcing the need for two people to pour. One person cannot hold can waste high with one hand and unlock the press lock. I tried long enough to strain my back. To get the gas out of the can I had to use an older spout from another can.

Second issue is that the design of the spout does not work on new [REDACTED] gas caps that require a special size diameter to go into the gas portal.

I tried this on a generator with a large gas hole and the hook would not stay on the rim of the circle and again required four hands to pour gas.

In looking for other cans I found Lowes, Home Depot and Walmart all have this Ameri-Can product.
Auto-Zone had smaller cans with a rotating lock, but they were not easy to use and they only stocked 2 gallon cans.
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