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acetylene torch set made by Chicago Electric for Harbor Freight Tools.

Model Number 98958
Serial Number C0811
Home Maintenance and Structures
Tools & Hardware
Torches, Not Specified (890)
Harbor Freight Tools    
Chicago Electric
Harbor Freight
11/30/2013 This date is an estimate
While I was sweating a plumbing pipe, the oxygen hose split. Had I been inside instead of outside the split would have allowed the escaping gas to possibly explode since the split occurred at the lit end of the torch. This torch has only been in use for about 6 months as a hobby torch. I got it for Christmas last year. It is not used daily and still looks brand new.

I took the torch hose to the Harbor Freight in Erie, PA. I spoke with [REDACTED] first. She called the manager, [REDACTED]. He refused to give me his last name. I showed him the split in the hose. He asked if I had the receipt. I told him I did not, however, since this is a safety issue he needed to look at the hose. He said it was not a safety issue and if I didn't have the receipt there was nothing he would do. His attitude was that I was wasting his time and he didn't care, then he walked away from me.

Incident, No Injury
63 years
I contacted the store today, 10/06/14

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