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GE Spectra white glass cooktop stove/oven slide freestanding unit
Electric Ranges or Ovens (Excl Counter-top Ovens) (278)
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GE Spectra
Spectra JBP79W0B4WW
gift from family
10/6/2006 This date is an estimate
First incident involved the plug to the oven and occurred while the oven was in use at 350 degrees in March 2013. The plug "box" that came from the oven melted than began to burn the wall behind the oven. Luckily our breaker tripped and I was able to put the fire out with a small extinguisher. Needless to say, we ate out that night because our entire home smelled like an electrical fire. My husband replaced the plug box the next day. Second incident is still ongoing. The front large burner does not respond to any temperature control that you select. When I would turn the burner on "2" for example, the burner would come on high heat and not turn off until I turned the knob to "off". Same goes for every other setting available for that burner. The burner will get so hot that it turns white and will remain hot for a good 5 minutes after shut off. The small burner directly behind it has begun doing the same thing since July 2014. I burnt many meals before I caught on that it wasn't the cook, but the stove top. Scared to use it and has since tripped my entire house breaker twice in the past month. Burn marks are still on the wall behind the oven from first incident if pictures are requested.
Incident, No Injury
33 years
Still using left side of stove top, contacting GE today 9/8/14

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