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Mid 2009 Apple MacBook Pro 15" laptop (Serial Number W89231EX642) purchased June 2009
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I was using my Mid 2009 Apple MacBook Pro 15" (Serial Number W89231EX642) to do class assignments. Suddenly and without warning I heard a pop, the battery had expanded causing the unibody to expand and deform slightly, and the trackpad to stop working as designed. An odor was detected and later a white powder residue was found on the desk and within the laptop's interior. During the saving and shutting down of the laptop, the device indicated 179°F on the SMC processor temperature monitor, and I felt the discomfort of the high heat under my left palm when it made contact with the laptop next to the trackpad.
I unplugged the laptop, moved it to the kitchen counter near the fire extinguisher (just as a precaution) and removed the bottom panel to verify my belief that the battery was the root of the problem. Unfortunately I could not remove the expanded battery due to Apple's 3 security Pentalobe screws. After attempting to make contact with Apple Care and the Greensboro Apple Store, I elected to visit the Apple store in person with the laptop.
The store employees removed the battery and placed into their fire safe due to their observation/assessment and would not return it to me indicating the high risk danger of the battery. Instead they offered to order me a new replacement battery at full cost.
The next day, I contacted Apple Care at 1-800-275-2273 and spoke with several individuals, eventually landing with [REDACTED]: [REDACTED], [REDACTED], case number [REDACTED]. He took information and indicated that the battery was over 5 years old and was considered consumed. That the expansion of the battery and the related laptop deformation was normal for a battery that expired/died. He did not address the heat and sudden nature of the failure. He indicated that since I had no ill effects at 24+ hours post incident from the smell, fumes, and white fine powder that the failure of the battery did not present a health risk, and that I would know by now for certain.
Why did they indicate in person and over the phone that the suddenness, heat, volatility, possible toxic exposure, and battery behavior is normal or to be expected? Why would I want a product that is damaged by its internal parts/battery and be expected to accept this outcome or situation? What else could have been damaged? What if I had not been home with the situation occurred; would I have lost my home, my pets, my things of value?
Incident, No Injury
43 years
They removed the battery and allowed me to keep the laptop in my possession. Have indicated the two attempts at contacting Apple in my description.

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