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Ampad Business Envelope, White, #10, Security, Gummed, 40-Box
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RR Donnelley    
I licked an envelope - Ampad Business Envelope, White, #10, Security, Gummed, 40-Box - and almost immediately had an allergic reaction. It started with some tingling in my face and tongue instantly after licking it, then moved on to my digestive system (nausea and explosive diarrhea), then my throat began to swell and I sounded hoarse and my chest felt tight. I ended up having to use an [REDACTED] and then was transported to the local ER. I was diagnosed with an anaphylaxtic reaction to the amount of latex in the envelope which I consumed while licking it.
Injury→Injury, Emergency Department Treatment Received
27 years
Comment from RR Donnelley 9/8/2014
RR Donnelley manufactures Ampad products. The Ampad security envelopes mentioned above meet all CPSC regulatory requirements. Contrary to the statements made in the report above, there is no latex in Ampad envelopes. How do we know that? First, no latex is added to the adhesives used to seal Ampad envelopes. Second, over 14 billion envelopes have been sold in the past 5 years without a single complaint that a consumer suffered an anaphylactic reaction or any other type of allergic reaction to the use of Ampad envelopes. These facts overwhelmingly demonstrate that Ampad envelopes do not contain latex.

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