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(06/03/2014)The consumer stated that she has an issue with off-gasses in the fabric of the mattress.

The consumer stated that she is getting sick from the mattress. She is having headaches, burning throat and nausea. Also, she states that her body aches.

The consumer stated that she had two mattress in the last month. The other one was returned for the same off-gasses. The consumer stated that she slept on the mattress for a week before she had to remove it.

(6/07/2014) The consumer contacted the company but have not received a response.

*except the company Saatva, did contact the consumer and they are investigating the source of the off-gassing. Haven't heard back yet. The consumer thinks it is the fire-retardant chemical on fabric. The toxic smell is not worth the benefit of f.r. chemical she may or may not need. The consumer's bed is next to 2 escapes! Too many toxic chemicals are getting into our products.

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Comment from 8/6/2014
Re:Saatva Inc...The claim contains materially inaccurate information. There is nothing in the manufacturing process of the organic cotton fabric we use that contains any chemical that could possibly off-gas. The customer also said she "thinks" the smell is coming from the fire retardant chemical we use. What we use as a fire retardant is a natural thistle barrier which also has no possibility of off gassing. A light chemical smell in a 'new' mattress even though it will dissipate does not mean the smell is from off gasses. There are no components that we use that off gas during the manufacturing process of the mattress. Our business model and impeccable reviews go directly to the fact that customer service is our defining business proposition. No customer for any reason will be left hanging with a complaint unresolved past 24 hours. If the customer customer called speaking about off-gassing, all of our customer service reps know the facts about off-gassing and they state that off-gassing can not occur in a Saatva mattress.

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