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My husband and I purchased a Dehumidifier from Lowe's on 3/19/2012 for $259.00 + Sales Tax. The dehumidifier was a Soleus SG-DEH-70-2 / MD000121511000. The unit ran for some time and then, while we were home, we smelled the unit burning. We unplugged it and afterward, tried a few times to see if it would run. It never did run again. Due to problems locating a proper recycling/disposal facility, the unit stayed around our house.

Looking back on the incident, we should have notified you right away as it may have helped other people.

It was fortuitous that the unit never ran again and yet stayed around our house, as the recall was issued and we had to return the applicable parts for a refund. We have just received our refund check for $202.50. Although we are pleased to be refunded at least part of our costs, we are wondering why we were unable to submit our receipt and receive a refund of the purchase price.

There were a number of fortunate occurrences for our issue - our house, rescued animals, and 89 year old mother were harmed as a result of the dehumidifier's problems, we were home at the time of the problem, the unit stayed around due to our inability to find a proper facility, and we were able to receive almost 80% of our purchase price back.

We realize recalls are tough and thank you for your work on this issue. If there is an option to submit our receipt, we will happily do so.

Thank you!
Incident, No Injury
46 years
Recall was Issued for this Product however Checks are not for the Purchase Amounts
Comment from Soleus International Inc 7/17/2014
I emailed the customer on 07/16/2014 to follow up with her and ask if her issue has yet been resolved.

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