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H.H. Gregg
Caller is reporting unsafe condition of a black chair that is one of two chairs she purchased August 29th, 2013.
She had no problems the first month or so but then black dust particles from the size of dust to the largest being the size of breakfast grits began coming off of one of the chairs.
Around the end of September the caller began noticing that there was black dusting on her right arm, her posterior and her back whenever she sat in the chair.
As time went on the dust from the chair began showing up in drinks, food then on other piece of furniture.
She noticed around the same time that black dust was appearing in her ears, nose and mouth after she had been sitting in the one chair.
She put a piece of duct tape on the arm of the chair and when she pulled it off it was covered with the black residue.
The second chair was not coming apart as badly but her partner sat in this one there was black on her arm and the backs broke out in a rash which she had treated by Dr. [REDACTED] of Okala, Fl after he diagnosed allergic reaction.
The caller is asking that this chair be inspected, recalled and that she be reimbursed her monies because the store has offered only replacement or $400.00 for two chairs when she paid just $2 short $800.

Caller has not been seen by a physician, her partner has been and was diagnosed with allergic reaction
She has not contacted the manufacturer but does intend to contact them
Injury→Injury, Seen by Medical Professional
My friend / Neighbor / Co-worker
84 years

Injury→Injury, No First Aid or Medical Attention Received
63 years
Comment from Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. 5/8/2014
Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. was able to speak with this customer for the first time regarding their concerns after receiving this report, and were able to resolve this customer's unique concerns and issues to her satisfaction. Ashley Furniture Industries always welcomes the opinions and feedback of all of our customers, and invite them to speak to us directly when concerns and issues are identified. We can be reached through our website,, or through our toll-free customer care line at 800-477-2222.

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