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American Honda Motor Co., Inc.    
Honda 2013
680 Rincon
The caller stated that his 30 year old son was riding the ATV on a trail for approximately 5 miles, he parked it within 4 ft of a 2006 Honda ATV. After returning to the site they noticed that both ATVs where burnt to the ground with the frames remaining. They were gone for almost an hour. The 2013 ATV had approximately 150 miles on it at the time of the incident. He feels that the exhaust overheats which melts the plastic and caused the fire.

The incident was reported to the Sheriff's department.

10/14/13 The manufacturer was contacted and his son was informed that there was nothing they could do. The caller contacted the Honda corporate office and he was informed to return the ATVs to a dealer so that they could take photos of them. The corporate office contacted him and advised him that the unit were burnt too intensively for them to investigate. He stated that he requested that the firm tested the ATVs to prevent fires and injuries but they declined.

The caller is concerned that these ATVs are a fire hazard and should be recalled.

Note: The caller will add more info when report is received.

The 2006 had been parked more than two and a half hours when my son ([REDACTED]) parked
his new Rincon 680 with in four feet of my 2006. He had rode it around five miles when he had
parked it. He was getting my truck to meet me at another location on the lease to do some work.
The truck had the tools it that we needed. When he shut off his 680 Rincon he noticed that the
muffler was making a tingling and popping sound. He raised the seat to take a look at it. He then
waited for about five minutes to let it cool down a little before leaving the camp. [REDACTED] joined me
and we done our work and headed back to the camp. It took us around a hour to do the work that
we done. When returning to the camp we noticed that the two four wheelers had burnt to the
ground and the fire was spreading out away from them. I then called the sheriff department out to
take pictures and to wright a statement up on the site. While at the camp that morning we had
cleaned up around the camp site and had used my tractor to box blade and back drag all around
the camp. The sheriff's department and I looked around for any unknown tracks. There were non to
be found.
This is what I believe happen is that the exhaust of the 680 Rincon was so hot that it caught the
plastic finder on fire witch in turn set the other four wheeler on fire.
I contacted Honda corporate office and was lead to speak to a man know as [REDACTED] Phone #
[REDACTED]. I explain all that had happen and after he wanted me to deliver the
frames to a dealer ship so the they could send pictures to him for him to look at. After that he
called me back an told me that there was nothing they could do. No investigation into this at all.
My concern is that if there is a problem with this bike that it could happen to someone else
and they may not be as lucky as we were. Someone could ride this type of bike and park it in there
garage and go inside and it catch there house on fire, I could go on and on with this but the point
is made.
Incident, No Injury
Comment from American Honda Motor Co., Inc. 12/11/2013
Honda is very sorry to learn of this owner's experience and property loss. Honda's review, however, concluded that there was no indication of a design or manufacturing defect that could have led to this incident. While it is alleged that the fire originated on the newer ATV as a result of high exhaust temperatures, there is no evidence to support this claim. Since there were no witnesses to the early stages of the fire and both machines were completely burned, it is unknown how or where the fire originated. It could have originated in the older ATV or as a result of a malfunction in the aftermarket electrical accessories installed on the two machines. Presumably the owner's initial reaction to suspect arson has some basis and also should not be ruled out. In any event, it is important to understand that Honda does extensive testing under various and extreme conditions to ensure that its exhaust systems are adequately shielded to prevent damage to other parts of the ATV. The long history of the TRX680 Rincon model without similar incident is proof of a robust design. It should also be noted that exhaust system sounds such as those described are to be expected after the engine is shut off and the normal contraction of metal parts occurs as they cool.

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