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Dora the explorer Camera contest interactive sound book. hard cover. isbn 0785399550. 11x11 inches. picture of dora the explorer on the front from nickelodeon tv channel.
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play a sound book
isbn 0785399550
Second hand
My child was playing in her playpen with her Dora the explorer camera contest book. I then heard her throw up. I picked her up and she threw up quite violently 4 more times. On the last time, I realized there was a piece of plastic, almost like a laminate or a clear wrapper. I put her down and checked in the playpen to see what on earth it was and realized there was more laminate pieces laying in there. I picked them all out and then went through her toys and realized it was the dora book. It was coated in a laminate film but on the front where there is a cutout for a toy camera it wasn't secure allowing her to peel pieces of film off. I now realize the vomiting first started out with her choking and gagging which was what alerted me to pick her up. Some of the pieces were large and could have easily cut off her airway. I pealed the rest of the film off of the book and it covered both the front and the back of the book and was relatively easy to peel off.
Incident, No Injury
My Child
0 years 10 months
I removed all the laminate and will allow her to play supervised with it now that it is removed.
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