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Soleus Air dehumidifier
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Soleus Air SG DEH45-1
South Dakota
My 81 year old Mother's Soleus Air SG DEH45-1 dehumidifier combusted -- smoke, no fire -- fire dept. was called and identified the dehumidifier as the source. Massive smoke damage in the lower level storage room and smoke throughout entire home. She cannot live there for 1-2 months (estimate $25,000 - $30,000 in damage) -- your recall was 5 days after her incident. I looked it up on the internet at the time and saw that they had stopped selling the units due to smoke and fire but had not been recalled. I am very upset with your agency that you allowed a dangerous product to exist without prior recall but fully knowing the danger. She could have died if that happened during the night. She left home that day at 4:30 PM for a church dinner and returned at 7:30 PM to a home filled with smoke. You need to do a better job getting the information out on this recall -- people in general don't consider dehumidifiers to be a smoke/fire risk and leave them running continuously -- even while they are gone on vacation. And -- people I talk to don't even know there is a lint filter that should be cleaned. I talked to the fire dept. about doing local news and paper to warn of the risk. This is serious. Let's get the word out.
Incident, No Injury
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