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GE Reveal 50/100/150 watt halogen general purpose bulb
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Reveal Halogen Bulb
4/15/2013 This date is an estimate
On September 10, 2013, at approximately 8:15 p.m. as I was seated on my sofa, a GE reveal halogen bulb (3-way 50/100/150w) exploded in the lamp directly behind me. The halogen bulb was installed in a UL listed lamp that was sitting on a tablecloth on the sofa table. It sounded like a gun was fired. I immediately jumped up, turned off the lamp, unscrewed the bulb and unplugged the fixture.
I smelled something burning and discovered shards of glass approx. 3 feet from the lamp. Shards had burned small holes in the tablecloth, sofa, and carpeting. The largest holes were approximately the diameter of a cigarette butt (no one in our home smokes). My husband doused the sofa with water since the glass appeared to be fused to the upholstery and burned through to the filling. There were three small burns in the carpet, several burns in the tablecloth, and three fairly deep burns to the sofa.

I was shocked at the explosion since this is the customary lamp I leave on for household members coming in late from work. Even more shocked when I thought that just the night before (9-9-13) I had a family emergency and left that same lamp on to go to the emergency room. If this had happened just 24 hours earlier, I could have been coming home from the emergency room to a burning home!
Incident, No Injury
49 years
I plan to contact the MFG, also due to nature of incident.

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