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Dresser Mirror

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Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc.    
This is the original email to the BBB of Wisconsin

I purchased a Ashley bedroom set a few years ago. We where moving the furniture to another room the other day, when I took of the mirror from the dresser off. The mirror fell out of its wood backing and shattered into a thousand pieces cutting my arm and missing my 3 year old boy by just a few inches. I was horrified at what could have happened. Upon inspecting the wood backing I noticed it only had 4 dabs of glue applied to it to hold this huge heavy mirror and small pastic clips to supposedly keep it in place. I sent numerous emails to Ashley headquarters and they all referred me back to the store that I purchased the product from. I tried to explain to them that there is a problem in the way these mirrors are applied and to look into there manufacturing process because in my mind it is unsafe to only put a small amount of glue on these mirrors. I provided pictures and there response was ...nothing. I replaced the mirror it cost me 86.00 dollars but it was installed correctly. The glass shop couldnt believe that they would use that small amount of glue to apply the mirror. I have tried to express my concern because I dont want this happening to anyone else and all they do is refer me back to the store that I purchased it from. The store cant help me , they dont make the product. Im not looking for a refund I just want the manufacturer made aware of the issue.

Since this email Ashley has sent me there spec drawing on how the mirror is applied. It shows a S groove that glue is to be applied. Small dabs of glue are applied in this groove. The glue should have filled the whole groove. Which it did not. The Bedroom set has since been discontinued but Im not sure how many other mirrors with other sets are applied this way. They have offered me an apology on my unfortunate situation but have not said that there is a the way the mirrors are applied.. There statement to me was per Quality that the glue is applied properly. This needs to be investigated they believe that they did nothing wrong.
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I have provided the manufacturer the pictures and described the incident. They feel like there was no mistake and the glue is applied is within there specs.
Comment from Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. 9/27/2013
Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc. (“Ashley”) appreciates the feedback that has been provided by this customer. This product was discontinued in 2010 due to the availability of components used in its construction. The mirror was held in place by a bonding agent, hot glue, and clips attached to the wood backing. Ashley has received no other reports of this nature regarding this mirror.

We have been in contact with this customer and appreciate his concern and feedback. Ashley always welcomes the opportunity to speak to our customers directly, and encourage all of our customers to either use our website, or contact our Customer Care Hotline (1-800-477-2222 extension 5013) for assistance with service and concerns
File NameDescription
Mirror1.jpg This picture shows the S groove. It should have been filled with glue. Instead they use only 4 dabs.
Mirror2.jpg Close up view of the small amount of glue used.

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