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Koala Kare Child Protection Seat
attached to Restroom wall at Dairy Queen
(Photo enclosed)
Products at Public Facilities
Public Use Items, Not Elsewhere Classified (1738)
Koala Kare
Child Protection Seat
Koala Kare Child Protection Seat. Mom put 3 year old child into seat in restroom @ Dairy Queen and seat collapsed. Child fell onto tile floor.
Asst. manager said this has happened before. Dairy Queen continued to keep this seat in restroom.

On August 14, 2013 I took my daughter and my two grandchildren to the Dairy Queen Located at [REDACTED] for dinner. My daughter took her five year old daughter and three year old son to use the restroom while I prepared the table and waited for our food.

I heard loud cries coming from the restroom as did the employees as there were two employees sitting at a nearby table. I ran into the restroom and was told by my daughter that she placed her 3 year old son in the seat the Koala Wall Seat. Then the seat itself collapsed sending him to the floor. It was a hard fall unto the tile floor. He was obviously hurt by hitting the floor. After we were able to the console him we went out to our booth. On the way to the booth I asked the employee sitting nearby to please find a manager for us. A young woman came to our booth. I asked for an incident report so I could report what had just occurred. Her response was if an incident report was given we would have to take the child to the ER. We were not given an incident report.
I as my grandson's grandmother should have insisted on filing out an incident report. She also stated that his has happened before. We were then offered ice cream for the children (which we had already paid for). Ad I was leaving I went in to check to make sure that some measure had been taken to block off the seat so that it was unusable there was no tape of signage to indicate that the seat was broken. I called today and spoke to
[REDACTED] (store manager) and asked if he was in fact present last evening when the incident happened. He said he was. He also stated that he had told the actual owner of the facility of the incident and that he was going to replace the seat. He also stated that the seat said for infants only. It did not. I took a photo of the seat and there is no signage of any weight limit or age limit. My grandson is 3 years old and weights 36 lbs. When I looked of the Koala Kare websight it lists the weight limit as 50 lbs. When I take my grandchildren out to dinner I have an expectation that they will be safe. And that all equipment intended for children will function properly. How many other children could be harmed by this seat. If the facility was aware that other children had been hurt when the seat collapsed why wasn't it removed or replace? This special evening that I had planned for my grandchildren was ruined because of someone's negligence in having a faulty seat in the restroom.
I will like assurance that this matter will be rectified so that no other child will be injured while in Dairy Queen.
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Injury→Injury, No First Aid or Medical Attention Received
Other Relative
3 years
Comment from KOALA KARE PRODUCTS 9/18/2013
Product safety is our number one priority. We manufacture safe, quality, durable products that carry a five year warranty.
As was noted, the seat is designed to hold a child weighing fifty pounds or less. Our design and development of the product and the installation and operating instructions that come with the seats are designed to ensure children up to that weight can be safely held when the seats are being used for their intended purpose.

Koala Kare Products regrets that the child and his family had the experience that was described. We value end user and patron feedback on our products and invite comments or questions through our website or via phone at 1-888-733-3456.

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