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incandescent light bulbs
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A19 120v 1200 hours
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South Dakota
7/3/2013 This date is an estimate
Caller is reporting a safety issue with incandescent light bulbs purchased within the past four to six weeks by builder of his home. A19 120v 1200 hours

Caller's used the light bulbs over the past four to six weeks and has noticed that in five instances the bulbs begin to sizzle but then when he begins to remove each bulb, in every case the bulb separates from the base.
The base remains in the lamp or fixture socket with the glass coming out in his hand.

The first incident was around July 17th, 2013 with the most recent incident being the night of August 6th, 2013.
There were three separate incidents between these two dates with this separation occurring in each of the five instances.

In one incident the base melted into the socket of the pendulum lighting over his breakfast bar and he would like the manufacturer to reimburse him the $70.00 + installation cost of replacement of this lighting at the manufacturers expense.

There are no injuries being reported

The caller has attempted to contact the manufacturer with no success, he will try again.

The caller is reporting this as a dangerous product due to the separations because the consumer could be injured by laceration or shock if attempting to obtain the base from their lamp or fixture sockets.

Incident, No Injury

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