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Red 150 z turn mower....
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42' Snapper ZT Rider model 7800621
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I was using my very new 150z turn Snapper mower on or about 11/06/2012 when I parked it running to move my I got back to the mower it sounded like the blades were on but they were not so I got back on and decided maybe I should take up to my barn to check it I started going it started acting really funny in moving forward....then I started smelling smoke looked behind me and the entire back cover was melting and the muffler had completely fallen apart....I turned it off and ran from it as it looked like it was going to blow up...ran and got my son who lifted up the melting cover...and muffler hot box was in pieces....a complete meltdown! As we looked the gas tank which sets right near it was splitting at the seams...had a full tank of about 3 gallons in it...very near splitting open....I realized I was/had been sitting on a bomb!

Called snapper corp they wanted pics...sent them over...then they told me I needed to take it to the snapper dealer in town....24 miles awy...I got a neighbor to take me....after a couple of mths...snapper said they were fixing it and I was NOT going to get a new mower or a refund! Got mower back February 2013....winter time here in Oregon....finally in April 2013 I was able to use again...second time out a part fell off deck as I was using and went under mower....called snapper and again I had to get my neighbor to take it down again to it back three weeks later. Used it two more times...then on July 12, 2013....I was mowing for 30 to 40 mins and could feel A LOT OF HEAT coming from the back so took it to the barn turned it off went to pick up the cover to check on things and cover burnt my fingers! Got a stick to pick up cover and muffler hot box was "RED HOT" in two big spots....heat shield is turning to ashes!

I did not call snapper corp until Monday July 22, 2012....I was too upset....I need a mower...and I don't want to die or be severely burned! They (snapper) again asked for pictures....said they will call and let me know what to do. God Help Me! I have no way of getting this piece of junk back AGAIN to the snapper dealer and This is an EXTREMELY DANGEROUS machine. I have tried to contact the Main Office of Snapper to no avail....I just keep getting the Snapper techs. Please Help!

I have pictures from both incidents....also have journeled notes and dates and conversations from all incidents.
Injury→Injury, No First Aid or Medical Attention Received
58 years
I contacted snapper several times as I needed a mower fixed
Comment from Briggs & Stratton Corporation 8/7/2013
There are tens of thousands of these mowers in use safely.

The original muffler from our vendor provided with this mower proved to be defective which caused the first overheating. We have not examined the subsequent repairs and, accordingly, cannot comment on the reason for the reported second event.
File NameDescription
100_0286.JPG Gas Tank Splitting at seams
100_0291.jpg Back of mower....Muffler broke apart to the right
100_0295.jpg Muffler hot box split open on right rear tire
100_0289.JPG Melted Cover
100_0290.JPG Back of mower with cover down
100_0285.jpg Mower with red cover down showing you where I sit on mower
20130722_101601-1.jpg 07/12/2013 incident showing muffler hot spots that get RED HOT

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