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Baby's First Book
Books, Magazines, Albums or Scrapbooks (4047)
Sassy, Inc.    
June 2012 
Shower Gift
New York
11/15/2012 This date is an estimate
"Baby's First Book", Copyright 2011, reg# PA-15501, (CN), Style# 80189 and manufactured June 2012 in Dongguan, Guang Providence, China.

Book was received in November 2012 as shower gift. Age range listed as 0+.

Mother received book as gift at shower in November 2012, her baby was born December 17, 2012.

She gave the book to her now six month old baby for the first time to play with about June 1st, 2013.

On Thursday, June 13th, 2013 the baby had only been playing with the book for a few moments when caller heard the baby begin screaming.

She ran to the baby to see what was wrong then noticed that the baby would not open her eyes.

She examined the baby's eye which was very red around the outside, the inside of the eye was watering.

She called the pediatrician who diagnosed a scratched cornea of the right eye then prescribed antibiotic eyedrops with artificial tears.

The caller/mother has taken the book away from the baby

Caller contacted the manufacturer Friday, June 14th, 2013 and was advised to return it to their office.

Caller plans to keep the book for CPSC first thirty days then send to manufacturer.

Caller sent product to mfr on 7/16/13
Injury→Injury, Seen by Medical Professional
My Child
0 years 6 months

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