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5 gallon gas can safety valves
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9/15/2012 This date is an estimate
Caller is reporting safety valve on five gallon gas can, she was using while cutting grass for her mother.

5 Gallon Gas Can made in U.S.A with safety valve on top that should let air out of the gas can.

Caller was preparing to pour gas but pressed on the safety valve to let the air out first as it sat level, however when she pushed the valve to let air out for safety as she has done so many times before but this time the air and gas shot up like a volcano as high five feet into the air and came back down into the caller's face and eyes.
She had to bend just a bit to press the safety valve and said it would have been worse if she had the gas can higher instead of bending over herself.

Caller was taken to Bayou Clinic by neighbors where she was stripped completely and pushed into a shower while solution put into her eyes then given clothes to wear in the ambulance that was called by Bayou Clinis to escort caller to Providence Hospital, where they dignosed the eye damage as Chemical Conjunctivitis, prescribed [REDACTED] Cream to releave her pain and discomfort, cream for her face that was actually reddened due to gasoline contact.

The major problem with the callers eyes with the left eye being the worst, she has an appointment with an eye specialist to be examined for any permanent damage.

She has not contacted the manufacturer but will contact them once she has the contact information.

I have called every number that has been given to me, and all numbers are not working, even the doctor tried. I do not want this to happen to anyone else, have cut grass as long as I remember.
Injury→Injury, Emergency Department Treatment Received
55 years

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