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Plastic Gas Container
Smartfill red can
Fuel, Lighters and Fireworks
Fuel Storage
Gasoline Cans (981)
Briggs & Stratton
60534 85023
West Virginia
12/25/2012 This date is an estimate
The caller stated that her spouse had stored gas in the container and while it was placed in the sun he noticed that the container had a bulge, he tried to depressed the air, however, the gas blew out. The incident occurred because there was no ventilation and the air built up in the container which could have caused an explosion.

4/10/13 The manufacturer was contacted and she was advised that it was EPA approved and there was nothing else that could be done.

The caller feels that this gas container is a safety hazard and should be reported.

The can says depress spout before use to release pressure. When he didthid it sprayed gas on him out of the spout.
Incident, No Injury
My Spouse
Comment from THE PLASTICS GROUP 5/7/2013
EPA emission regulations in effect since January 1, 2009 dictated changes to all Portable Fuel Containers. The EPA requires that the spout automatically closes and stays closed until a user actuates the spout. The regulations do not allow for a vent that can be left open by the consumer. The Plastics Group Smart Fill portable fuel containers meet all applicable standards and regulations.
The instructions on the front label of the Smart Fill portable fuel container state “Depress the Spout to Vent the Can Prior to Usage”. Based on the description provided, it appears that the can was not level when the spout was depresses and fuel was at the can neck. Fully engaging the spout as directed will release any built up pressure from the container.
The Plastics Group also provides an instructional video on our website and on youtube. The video can be viewed at
The video demonstrates and explains the need to vent the can before every use.

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