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Pyrex® 15" x "10 Baking Dish
Cookware & Tableware
Nonmetal Cookware (Nonelectric) (461)
World Kitchen, LLC    
Purchased a new Pyrex baking dish last night and when I pulled it from the oven from it's first use it literally exploded shards of glass and boiling liquid up to 10 ft around my kitchen. Dinner ruined, leg burned and thank God my kids had gone to wash their hands because this would have been at eye level. What product EXPLODES??
Injury→Injury, Level of care not known
Comment from World Kitchen, LLC 3/27/2013
At World Kitchen the safety of consumers is our highest priority. As part of our standard procedures, we follow up on reported incidents. We encourage consumers with any concerns about our products to contact us toll-free at 800-999-3436, or e-mail us using the “contact us” link on our The Safety & Usage Instructions for our products and other important product information is available at As part of our standard procedure, whenever an injury is reported, we ask the consumer to send World Kitchen the broken dish to allow us to confirm product indentity and evaluate the breakage. All glass bakeware can experience thermal breakage if exposed to sudden or uneven temperature changes. You can avoid the most common causes of thermal breakage by following four simple rules: 1. Always place hot glass bakeware on a dry, cloth potholder or towel. Never place hot glass bakeware on top of the stove, on a metal trivet, on a damp towel, directly on a counter or in a sink. 2. Never put glass bakeware directly on a burner or under a broiler. 3. Always allow the oven to fully preheat before placing glass bakeware in the oven. 4. Always cover the bottom of the dish with liquid before cooking meat or vegetables.

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