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September 6th 2012

On Friday August 17, 2012 my son got his foot stuck in his crib. My fiancé called me at work around 11am to tell me that his foot was stuck in between the railings of his crib. I left work to see if I could help him get his foot out. When I got home, [REDACTED] right foot was swollen and stuck in between the crib railings. The railing was the one closest to where the side and front meet on the right side of the crib. After trying several times and my son screaming in pain, we had no choice but to call 911. The fire department and ambulance came and had to cut the crib to get him out. Because of the way [REDACTED] foot was stuck, they could not just saw the wood in half. They said by sawing it in half it could break his foot, so they used hedge clipper like tools to chip away at the wood. When they got his foot free his foot was so swollen that he was taken by ambulance to the hospital to get it checked out. Thank God it was not broken. I can't even describe the emotions that we all went through that day. One of the responders was [REDACTED]. His first comment to me was that this should never have happened. He asked how old the crib was. This crib was put on layaway on May 8, 2011 and was picked up in August of 2011. My baby is 11 months old. My parents purchased this crib for my son and paid approximately $500.00 On Tuesday August 21st, my mother made a call to Baby Cache. She spoke to [REDACTED] and told her what happened. [REDACTED] response was that this is a common thing. She said she could send her a net that could possible help prevent this from happening again. My mother told her the crib was no good beecause they had to cut it to get the baby out. Mom told her if this happens a lot then maybe there should be a recall on this product. [REDACTED] said it happens a lot with all cribs. Mom told her that this is totally unacceptable. Mom also told her that the manufacturer should be reimbursing her for the crib and also the Ambulance bill that I will receive in the tune of $ 500.00 to $600.00. [REDACTED] requested that we send her a copy of the receipt and pictures and could not promise that they will do anything about this situation but would pass the information along to the proper channel. We have not sent anything to her yet. I am waiting for my credit card company to send me a copy of that statement and the Ambulance Corps to send me the bill. [REDACTED] email address is [REDACTED] and her phone
number is [REDACTED].

The next call my mother placed was to a [REDACTED] that works in your department [REDACTED]. He also made the same comment. This is a common thing that happens all the time. He looked to see if there was a recall on this crib, which there wasn't. He said if he could ever help in the future to give him a call. With both parties making this same unacceptable comment, my mother called [REDACTED] again to get his opinion on this matter. When she told him the comments that came from both parties he said no. that this is not expectable and to call the attorney general's office in which see did. Mom was given this number that no longer works [REDACTED]. She then called the same number as before that she got [REDACTED] and asked for someone in a higher position. That's when she spoke to you. My son has to sleep in a pack and play since this has happened. One reason is that this has left me feeling very frighten about putting my child in any crib and because I cannot afford another one. This is supposed to be a federally inspected and approved crib. I feel that this crib should have never passed the inspection. I measured the distance of the spaces and the slots start off at different measurements. The one closest to the front is 1.5 inches wide and is that distance all the way down. The middle railings are 2 inches wide all the way down. The railing closest to the back of the crib is 2 inches on the top, 1.5 inches in the middle and 2 inches on the bottom. Also where the corners meet it’s a smaller space. That alone is obvious that any child can get its foot/leg stuck. If this is such a common issue, then I fear for
the safety of our children and that this should be looked into at great lengths. I am still waiting for the bill from the Westerly Hospital and The Westerly Ambulance. Once I get these I will forward you a copy. Has far as the crib receipt goes, I have made numerous attempts as well as my mom, to get a copy of the purchase receipt for the crib from Babies R Us. We called the Waterford CT Store has well as Corporate. We were disconnected several times, spoken to rudely and no one can get this for us. I find this so hard to believe. "Where are their receipts in case they get audited". It's funny that my rewards still show up on line from a year and one month ago. Please follow up with my mother on this matter. I work full time and cannot always be as readily available as she can. [REDACTED]. Her email address is [REDACTED] (please cc me on any and all corresponds) [REDACTED].

Attached are photos of the crib and my on-line rewards information. Please see notes on both attachments.
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