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Shape Ups
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5/14/2010 This date is an estimate
After wearing my shape up shoes for several months as my primary source of footwear, I experienced a ruptured achilles and had to undergo surgery and physical therapy. My foot is still not the same after the injury and my calf muscles and achellies still continue to strengthen one year post injury. I was performing a task that I would normally in my job (skipping to music) when the incident occurred. I was treated at a local ER and sent to my specialist for surgery and then onto physical therapy for rehabilitation. The shape up shoes rocking motion encouraged the continuous stretching and contracting of my achellis (attached to the calf muscle as advertised on television and ads). I feel this action may have been a contributing factor to the injury even though I was not wearing the shoes at the moment the injury occurred.
Injury→Injury, Hospital Admission
42 years
Comment from Skechers USA, Inc. 8/23/2012
We appreciate receiving this and all other information regarding our customers’ use of Skechers shoes, and are sorry to hear that this customer reported a bad experience with one of our products.

As explained in the instructional materials that are enclosed with our product, Shape-ups employ a rocker bottom sole and a soft kinetic wedge that require the wearer to exert additional effort to maintain balance. This additional effort activates muscles in the lower leg. Because Shape-ups operate on the principle of an unstable platform, users are advised to stand up straight, keep their weight centered, place their feet parallel and hip-distance apart, and walk at a comfortable pace, being sure to plant each heel firmly and roll forward on to the toes. Users are further advised to limit their use of Shape-ups to 25-45 minutes per day for the first two weeks of use, and to gradually increase usage time by 5-10 minute increments thereafter and only if comfortable to do so. Shape-ups are intended for low-intensity activities such as standing and walking, and not for running or vigorous sports. Skechers highly recommends consumers follow these and other instructions while using Shape-ups.

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